Snore No More Anti-Snore Pillow Review

The fact is, this pillow can be 100% effective at eliminating snoring. We strongly believe that you would not snore at all the whole night using it. How could you? You wouldn’t even be able sleep!

The pillow is so stiff,  it feels like a piece of wood under our heads.

Now we read somewhere that the ancient Egyptians actually slept on wooden pillows. Maybe that’s why they’re all dead now.


Some users, though actually liked the pillow. They said the pillow was great, it worked. Truly, one man’s poison can be another man’s meat.

But a quick look at the comments reveals something: “I bought this for my husband.” “It has reduced my husband’s snoring.”

No wonder they liked it. They weren’t the ones using it!

Oh well. We suppose, with a little EQ (or the threat of alimony – oops, we mean divorce), one could actually get used to the pillow’s stiffness.

In any case, it does not stay stiff for very long. Which brings us to our second issue, which concerns the pillow’s durability. 

So here’s this stiff thing that turns limp and flat just as you’re beginning to enjoy it. Does it have anxiety issues? Medication? Did it have a troubled childhood?

Really, we don’t want to know.


Cons of the Snore No More Pillow:

  • Very, very stiff – for a while.
  • Flattens out in 3 to 4 weeks.


Pros of the Snore No More Pillow:

  • Designed for both back or side sleeping. (It can hurt you both ways.)
  • Made of hypoallergenic fiber. (Such as wood, perhaps?)
  • Has anti-microbial properties. (Just how dirty do they think we are?)

Recommendation and Results

To tell the truth, we were this close (show thumb and index finger a millimeter away from each other) to actually recommending the Snore No More Pillow. It does lessen snoring. And that’s a huge thing, because that’s what we get anti-snore pillows for.

So what if it’s too hard? All (or nearly all) pillows designed to eliminate or lessen snoring are hard anyway.

And so what if it can’t be returned? It’s a personal item. Of course, it can’t be returned.

What we can’t forgive, though, is the pillow’s lack of staying power. A 3-to-4-week lifespan is just ridiculous for a pillow that costs $35.

So, just to make sure it’s clear, here’s the verdict: We at Anti-Snore Pillow Reviews do not recommend the Snore No More Pillow.

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