Core D-Core Pillow

Actually, the Core D-Core Pillow is perfect if your neck is so long, you need three chins to fill up the real estate, or if your neck is so short, you use your turtleneck collars as a nose warmer.

But if you’re one of the few people – 5,763,341 to be exact – who have average-sized necks, you need to get either the smaller or larger model, which will fit your neck better. Otherwise, you’ll find that this is product can be a pain in the neck – literally.

Well, we ’ve always thought our neck long and swanlike, so this pillow should have been perfect for us, despite the fact that we’re (that, by the way, is the royal we) just 5-foot-3. Imagine our dismay to find out that the pillow would not fit us either, and that we are, after all, as pudgy necked as the rest of you 5-foot-3 mortals. Ouch.

So there’s really no getting around it: if you have an average-sized neck (that is, you’re not smaller than 5 feet and not taller than 5-foot-7), you have to get a smaller pillow than this.



Cons of the Core D-Core Pillow:

  • Too big to fit in a standard-sized pillow case ( . . . just as it’s too big to fit under a standard-sized neck. Fortunately, you can always get new pillow cases. Unfortunately  . . . )
  • One size does not fit all. (But if it doesn’t fit you, it probably fits your mate. Hopefully, he/she snores too.)
  • Lasts about 6 months before it turns a bit flat (like some relationships I know).


Pros of the Core D-Core Pillow:

  • 100% polyester fiber core fill. Easy to wash, easy to dry. Hard to find an excuse not to.
  • Can be returned if plastic wrapping is not damaged. (Sleep very carefully if you’re still making up your mind – not just to avoid tearing the plastic but also to avoid suffocating in your sleep!)
  • Two neck-section options: wide or narrow. (Choose your own adventure.)
  • Very firm and sturdy. Bring it with you when you travel, and use it as a weapon against foreign muggers.


Recommendation and Results

For average-sized people, we do not recommend the Core D-Core Pillow, because too many people have complained it was designed for bigger people with longer or shorter necks.

What we do recommend is that you get a similar pillow, but a smaller or bigger size, like the travel size or the standard size. Those should fit you better.

But if you’re 5 feet or less, or 5’7” or more, like these users here and here, this pillow should fit you very well.

But will it stop us from snoring?

Although, the Core D-Core Pillow was not designed as an anti-snore pillow but as an anti-sore pillow (it was meant to eliminate neck pain, not nocturnal whale songs), it does eliminate/minimize snoring for people who are the right size for it. Read one user’s story here.

At a price of $20, it’s definitely cheaper than many similar devices out there. With this fact in consideration, we at Anti-Snore Pillow Reviews do recommend the Core D-Core Pillow – but only for very tall or very short people.

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