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Core D-Core Pillow

Actually, the Core D-Core Pillow is perfect if your neck is so long, you need three chins to fill up the real estate, or if your neck is so short, you use your turtleneck collars as a nose warmer.

But if you’re one of the few people – 5,763,341 to be exact – who have average-sized necks, you need to get either the smaller or larger model, which will fit your neck better. Otherwise, you’ll find that this is product can be a pain in the neck – literally.

Well, we ’ve always thought our neck long and swanlike, so this pillow should have been perfect for us, despite the fact that we’re (that, by the way, is the royal we) just 5-foot-3. Imagine our dismay to find out that the pillow would not fit us either, and that we are, after all, as pudgy necked as the rest of you 5-foot-3 mortals. Ouch.

So there’s really no getting around it: if you have an average-sized neck (that is, you’re not smaller than 5 feet and not taller than 5-foot-7), you have to get a smaller pillow than this.



Cons of the Core D-Core Pillow:

  • Too big to fit in a standard-sized pillow case ( . . . just as it’s too big to fit under a standard-sized neck. Fortunately, you can always get new pillow cases. Unfortunately  . . . )
  • One size does not fit all. (But if it doesn’t fit you, it probably fits your mate. Hopefully, he/she snores too.)
  • Lasts about 6 months before it turns a bit flat (like some relationships I know).


Pros of the Core D-Core Pillow:

  • 100% polyester fiber core fill. Easy to wash, easy to dry. Hard to find an excuse not to.
  • Can be returned if plastic wrapping is not damaged. (Sleep very carefully if you’re still making up your mind – not just to avoid tearing the plastic but also to avoid suffocating in your sleep!)
  • Two neck-section options: wide or narrow. (Choose your own adventure.)
  • Very firm and sturdy. Bring it with you when you travel, and use it as a weapon against foreign muggers.


Recommendation and Results

For average-sized people, we do not recommend the Core D-Core Pillow, because too many people have complained it was designed for bigger people with longer or shorter necks.

What we do recommend is that you get a similar pillow, but a smaller or bigger size, like the travel size or the standard size. Those should fit you better.

But if you’re 5 feet or less, or 5’7” or more, like these users here and here, this pillow should fit you very well.

But will it stop us from snoring?

Although, the Core D-Core Pillow was not designed as an anti-snore pillow but as an anti-sore pillow (it was meant to eliminate neck pain, not nocturnal whale songs), it does eliminate/minimize snoring for people who are the right size for it. Read one user’s story here.

At a price of $20, it’s definitely cheaper than many similar devices out there. With this fact in consideration, we at Anti-Snore Pillow Reviews do recommend the Core D-Core Pillow – but only for very tall or very short people.


Side Sleeper Professional Pillow:

You will find really thousands of various pillows available on the market. You are able to enter any kind of Wal-Mart, Focus on or even Marshall’s as well as buy one for $10 you might as well drop Brookstone or some kind of specialized retail shop as well as invest $60,70 and even $22.99.

We now have transported numerous commercial pillows through the years Buckwheat, Contour Cloud, as well as Sobakawa at to mention a couple of — almost all an excellent quality/value mixture. So far, although, we have not observed a top quality pillow, which is specifically, created for all those people, which rest on this side in a financial cost.

To become secure, side sleepers need a pillow that is meant diversely compared to the majority of. Along with a normal pillow, find you continuously plumping, reshaping and modifying our own pillow all through the nighttime in order to obtain comfy. As well as, possibly right after all of us get rather relaxed, many of us get up sense rigid as well as out-of-whack simply because a normal pillow is not really developed in order to aid normally the body relax.

Side Sleeper Pillow Would be the Bed mattress Best Pillow:
The primary objective of the pillow would be to produce a more comfortable treatment for those who rest on the part as well as occasionally or even frequently believe that their own shoulder gets in the manner or even these people cannot obtain comfy or assist individuals who are struggling through circumstances such as apnea or even moderate rest apnea or even associated rest problems in which the air flow pathways could be increased because of a various entire body place.

Pillows for side sleepers tend to be unique within their style whenever as opposed in order to normal pillows plus they seek to improve comfort and ease for your individuals who rest on the part. For a great as well as high quality rest a great pillow is vital. The correct incorrect pillow can provide assistance in order to sleeplessness as well as damage chaos together with your health and fitness over time. For this reason many people search for the best pillow for on their own, however it is not very easy with the amount of choices.

A great pillow is equally as essential because a great mattress to get a great nights rest. Despite the fact that all of us seldom provide a large amount of considered to the correct pillows all of us utilize, purchasing the correct pillow as well as placing this properly might be probably the most essential areas of resting good results. It is really a soothing sensation to get the perfect pillow unwinds a good sore, exhausted entire body. Along with offering comfort and ease, the best pillows may also provide the required assistance for your neck as well as spine, relieving or even avoiding numerous popular types of as well as neck discomfort.

In case you not necessarily sure in case the time for you to substitute your own pillow, justify the correct assistance of straight down as well as feather pillows through putting the genuine fluffed away pillow upon a difficult surface area. Collapse this in two or even thirds as well as press your airflow. Discharge the genuine pillow. If this originates as well as comes back in order to the initial place they have assistance; a damaged pillow will remain because over.

The genuine conventional pillow may be the bed mattress best pillow, utilized to offer assist for your head, neck, as well as top spine as the person is lying down during sex within a relaxing place. Whenever identifying the amount of pillows to make use of, be aware that a lot of point your own head ahead as well as too little point your own head in reverse in case you rest on the back again. Likewise, in case lying down in your favor, make sure the correct difference among your own head as well as shoulder blades full through pillow.

Pillow for a side sleepers, it really is essential to think about the characteristics. In case you are side sleepers and you discover on your own getting up sore right after exactly what must have already been a great nights rest, this really is a great indication that you might want a much better mattress pillow, one that is correctly created for your method a person rest. Right here would be the benefits to consider obtaining the very best mattress pillow for side sleepers.. Read more here: sidesleeperguide.com


Snore No More Anti-Snore Pillow Review

The fact is, this pillow can be 100% effective at eliminating snoring. We strongly believe that you would not snore at all the whole night using it. How could you? You wouldn’t even be able sleep!

The pillow is so stiff,  it feels like a piece of wood under our heads.

Now we read somewhere that the ancient Egyptians actually slept on wooden pillows. Maybe that’s why they’re all dead now.


Some users, though actually liked the pillow. They said the pillow was great, it worked. Truly, one man’s poison can be another man’s meat.

But a quick look at the comments reveals something: “I bought this for my husband.” “It has reduced my husband’s snoring.”

No wonder they liked it. They weren’t the ones using it!

Oh well. We suppose, with a little EQ (or the threat of alimony – oops, we mean divorce), one could actually get used to the pillow’s stiffness.

In any case, it does not stay stiff for very long. Which brings us to our second issue, which concerns the pillow’s durability. 

So here’s this stiff thing that turns limp and flat just as you’re beginning to enjoy it. Does it have anxiety issues? Medication? Did it have a troubled childhood?

Really, we don’t want to know.


Cons of the Snore No More Pillow:

  • Very, very stiff – for a while.
  • Flattens out in 3 to 4 weeks.


Pros of the Snore No More Pillow:

  • Designed for both back or side sleeping. (It can hurt you both ways.)
  • Made of hypoallergenic fiber. (Such as wood, perhaps?)
  • Has anti-microbial properties. (Just how dirty do they think we are?)

Recommendation and Results

To tell the truth, we were this close (show thumb and index finger a millimeter away from each other) to actually recommending the Snore No More Pillow. It does lessen snoring. And that’s a huge thing, because that’s what we get anti-snore pillows for.

So what if it’s too hard? All (or nearly all) pillows designed to eliminate or lessen snoring are hard anyway.

And so what if it can’t be returned? It’s a personal item. Of course, it can’t be returned.

What we can’t forgive, though, is the pillow’s lack of staying power. A 3-to-4-week lifespan is just ridiculous for a pillow that costs $35.

So, just to make sure it’s clear, here’s the verdict: We at Anti-Snore Pillow Reviews do not recommend the Snore No More Pillow.